A dirty fantasy is a eternal celebration . (Shakespeare)

"SKOPAS weekend" doesn’t last forever but it continues exactly where other good parties come to end.
We make it possible for you to have the opportunity to devote yourself to your fetish desires all night long without an
The next day a refreshing breakfast will be served, to give you another chance to enjoy the company of old or new acquaintances.
On that weekend, everything could happen, but yet, nothing has to be happening. On such a weekend, you get the chance to meet like minded people as you are, having interesting conversations and celebrating… celebrating ones own individuality, celebrating the chance of being your true self, appreciating these sensuous encounters in this well groomed very special social circle, enjoying dancing and partying…
Could it be possible to ask for more?

"SKOPAS weekend" is comprised of "SKOPAS night", "SKOPAS dinner", and many other experiences.
Enjoy your fantasies in these perpetual moments.

copyright by SKOPAS 2002 - 2010