I can resist everything except temptation. (Oscar Wilde)

At our "SKOPAS night" we will offer you the ultimate environment to live your voluptuous affinities amidst like minded special guests.
The propensities of our guests are vast, hence, we set a great store for a suitable dress code.
A pair of flip-flops and some glittering T-shirt won’t suffice for an erotic–sensuous and ravishing experience. Anyone showing up like that would be rather interpreted as a gaper and restricted to enter!

You may express your individuality and enjoy the feedbacks.
Be yourself by showing your different facets, surpass your wildest daring dreams and make them come real. Just be whatever you wish to be, whether severe, playful, submissive or glamorous and sexy, only your creativity and alluring ideas count here. Your very own personal style is required so show us who you are!

As long as the respect codes among the guests are being kept intact, you can decide for yourself which temptations you don’t wish to resist… there will surely be enough of those temptations around…


Impressions of the Skopas Fashion & Dinner Night held at the 29.05.2010 at Viscose.

copyright by SKOPAS 2002 - 2010